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wellevaluations L.L.C. and its principal have been providing Reservoir Engineering Services since 1979. We specialize in Well Test Analysis and practical Reservoir Simulations. We build reservoir models that enable the small operator to make decisions based on incremental value.

Although we understand the value of science and research, in today's economic environment we understand that science does not pay the bills. We endeavor to provide practical solutions to your Reservoir Engineering needs, always keeping in mind that the goal is to maximize your profits.

We provide the following Reservoir Engineering Services.

  • Well Test Design
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Waterflood Evaluation
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Black Oil Material Balance
  • Gas Material Balance
  • Pseudo Steady State Analysis of Gas in Place
  • Log Analysis

Reservoir Simulations

In this market of declining prices, every effort must be made to produce the most barrels for the least expenditure. Reservoir Simulation helps the operator achieve this goal through better reservoir management. A Reservoir Simulation provides the following benefits.

Financial Benefits

  • Simulation provides more accurate production predictions than decline curves alone.
  • Simulation will often quantify additional Proved Reserves for inclusion in reserve reports for financial partners or institutions.
  • Simulations make many rules of thumb obsolete for large, complex project decisions. They provide hard number projections that are impossible with less rigorous techniques.
  • Simulations put a quantitative value on horizontal well projects.

Reservoir Management

  • The simulation platform acts as the coordination center for reservoir management activities.
  • A proper simulation will show if a field is performing up to expections.
  • A simulation will point out if your current mapping really reflects how the reservoir is producing.
  • A simulation is critical for determining equity in a unitization effort.
  • Simulations allow what-ifs for injection well placement.

The simulator is the point of contact between the geo-science disciplines. It serves as a filter that selects from among all of the proposed descriptions of the reservoir. The simulator is not influenced by hand-waving arguments or presentation style. It provides an objective appraisal of each hypothesis, and constrains the power of personal influence.

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